Welcome to our Blog

Jan Burse, created Mar 16. 2009 Welcome to my first blog entry. This blog is sponsored by XLOG Technologies GmbH. And when I am writing this I get the feeling that I am a little bit schizophrenic, as I am the owner and an employee of this company. But I am already used to this feeling since the founding and each year the feeling reaches its climax when I fill the wage statement for myself. Now what is the goal of this blog? It will not cover political polemics or sentimental throw ups. Moreover a picture of the rationality of a company should be created. A construct which necessarily tries to combine market forces with personal concerns. And which is as inaccessible as the psyche of the neighbour lady/gentleman. On the forefront we will increase the visibility of the company. But on the background we are interested in the usage of the blog for testing purposes. It is just one step in the development of a sales system. In 2008 the sales system was first conceived by a business plan and planned via an architectural design. Since the beginning of 2009 the development is in full swing. The development of the sales system will occupy us for some further months. It is a proprietary continuation project for the HTA research project from 2004. Whereas we attached importance to the creation of product profiles those times, we will now investigate the integration of product profiles into a sales system. Similar configuration systems are already known for some time, for example when ordering PCs. Why is XLOG Technologies GmbH working on a configuration system when those are already present in the market for some time? Similarly one can ask why the neighbour is planting tomato on his balcony and not buying them in the supermarket. I hope this blog will shed some light on the former question over time.