Jekejeke Prolog 0.9.1 released (setup_call_cleanup/3 and speed)

Jan Burse, created Apr 23. 2012 Dear All Jekejeke Prolog 0.9.1 has just been released. Its main features are: setup_call_cleanup/3: - Cleanup can do bindings and will do cleanup when goal deterministically succeeded. - The Java application programming interface does now also allow defining foreign predicates that provide a cleanup handler. speed: - If you use Jekejeke Prolog with JDK 1.7 you will see a speed increase of 10% - 20%. - Rewampted the interpreter loop and and better instructions for unification. Speed increase of 15% - 30%, especially for non-deterministic code. The interpreter is still in beta testing. It can be downloaded at . More details about the changes for this release can be found in the accompained release notes. Have fun! Best Regards Jan Burse, 04.10.2011