Jekejeke Prolog SQL Example

Jan Burse, created Apr 23. 2012, modified Feb 25. 2018 Dear All, Now that we have setup_call_cleanup/3 in Jekejeke Prolog which reacts on events in the continuation we can put is safely to use to work with resources. The new example shows how to interface Jekejeke Prolog with a SQL database. It does so in defining 3 very simple custom foreign predicates: create_statement execute_query close_statement The example makes use of the Java JDBC standard and we have run it with the following database management system: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 But experience shows that JDBC works also with: FoxPro DBase mySQL Oracle Microsoft Access FrontBase Postgresql IBM DB2 And probably much more other database management systems. A description of the example can be found here, the full source code is in the appendix: Database Deployment Best Regards