Jekejeke Prolog 0.9.3 (shell and Android)

Jan Burse, created Apr 23. 2012, modified May 04. 2012 Dear All, A new release for Jekejeke Prolog has just been released. This release does not feature much improvements in the interpreter, but it extends its deployment range. The highlights are: New Top-Level: % Development environment start without graphical interface java -jar toplevel.jar -h % Runtime library start without graphical interface java -jar interpreter.jar % Development environment package for *Android* toplevel.apk New Embedding: % Use of development environment javac -cp toplevel.jar;... % Use of runtime library for *Android* javac -bootclasspath android.jar -cp;... New Functionality: - New system predicate sys_unbind/1 (SICStus undo/1 implementation). - Debugger can now break into "repeat, fail". - On demand variable sernos (During write and lexical comparison). Download is available from: Pleasant coding! Jan Burse, April 12, 2012