Jekejeke Minlog 0.5 (Forward Chaining, Chart Parser and CLP(FD))

Jan Burse, created Jul 20. 2012, modified Aug 04. 2012 Dear All, The first release of Jekejeke Minlog has just been released. The highlights are: - Forward Chaining: Turning a predicate into a forward chaining predicate is just a matter of a simple declaration: :- forward a/1, b/1. b(X) :- a(X). Facts can be temporarily posted via the predicate post/1, the forward chaining engine will then compute the completion: ?- post(a(1)), b(X). X = 1 - Chart Parser: DCG rules will detect a forward predicate head, and do an appropriate rewriting. - CLP(FD): We have bundled a small constraint solver that keeps the constraints in the forward store. For certain examples the performance is good. For example a backtracking solution for SEND+MORE=MONEY with 3000ms goes down to 30ms with this constraint solver. Download: Minlog Modul Have Fun


Re: ANN: Jekejeke Minlog 0.5 (Forward Chaining, Chart Parser and CLP(FD))

Loveprolog, created Aug 08. 2012 Jan, This is a great effort. I will find time to try this out soon. Thank you