Jekejeke Minlog Custom CLP(*) "Little Solver"

Jan Burse, created Oct 28. 2012 Dear All, This is just to let you know that the Jekejeke Minlog documentation features an new example that shows how to roll your own CLP(*) solver. The example is called "Little Solver" and it shows the basics how to define some simple reasoning for the following constraints: X = c, c is a number X ? D, D is a finite set of numbers So if you would like to experiment with your own CLP(*) algorithms such as union find, euclidean algorithm, cylindrical decomposition, etc.. you might give a try with Jekejeke Minlog. Jekejeke Minlog offers forward chaining rules. These rules are on par with other formalism such as attribute variables or constraint handling rules. A description of the example can be found here, the full source code is in the appendix: Little Solver Best Regards