Jekejeke on android , Runtime library 0.9.8

Ka, created Apr 25. 2013 The App is just showing "?-" I didn't know how to define predicate in that situation .. could you help me? thanks.


Re: Jekejeke on android , Runtime library 0.9.8

Ka, created May 15. 2013 Thank you very much , the app is awesome ! , I published it on my website , & told all my friends to use it in our university !

Re: Jekejeke on android , Runtime library 0.9.8

Jan Burse, created Apr 26. 2013, modified Jun 10. 2020 Hi, You can for example consult from the standard input by consulting the reserved file name 'user': ?- [user]. app([], X, X). app([X|Y], Z, [X|T]) :- app(Y, Z, T). ^D The ^D depends on the platform. It can be ctrl-Z or ctrl-D on ttys. It can be menu item submit eof in the swing console, or the back button in the android console. After you have consulted you can execute the predicates that have been defined: ?- app(X,Y,[1,2,3]). X = [], Y = [1,2,3] ; X = [1], Y = [2,3] For further info on what the top-level provides in the runtime library see for example: Prolog Conversations The development environment adds additional commands for debugging, see for example: Environment Conversations You might also want to use an editor on an android device. There are a couple of options, see for example the following G+ post: Editing Prolog Texts on Android Devices Best Regards