Jekejeke Prolog 1.1.7 (array subscripts)

Jan Burse, created Dec 12. 2016 Dear All, We have just uploaded the new release of Jekejeke Prolog. New predicates have been added and the syntax has been extended. - Array Subscripts: The Prolog interpreter now supports the syntax X[X1,..Xn] for array subscripts. The syntax is parsed as an abstract term [](X,X1,..,Xn). - Predicate Clean-Up: The calculation of hash values has been improved via new predicates such as term_hash/4, etc.. To conform with the ISO core standard we have added the predicate acyclic_term/2. - Text Predicates: The new predicates locale_sort/2, etc.. allow sorting according to a locale. The new predicates pattern_match/2, etc.. allow pattern matching and are extensible. Array subscripts can already be used inside is/2: ?- X = ''(11,33,44), Y is X[2]. X = 33 The usage in CLP(FD) does not yet work completely. Happy coding! Android Appstores: Google Play Download: Runtime Library