Server is Up Again

Jan Burse, created Jun 20. 2017 Dear All, This is to let you know that the new server behind is up again and running, and that we could complete our cut-over maintenance window. How well did it go? External Problem: There was a small incident, those subscribed to our digests might have received old German or English web site comment digests again. An errorneos date in the batch, that is doing this mailing, caused the duplicates. This was the down-side, on the up-side we find that we could re-test this batch. Internal Problem: We do log some events on the server, such as artefact downloads and license activations. During a test run, we saw that the remote addr was missing and did not get logged. It turned out that the new server is behind an additional firewall, so we had to find a workaround. The current workaround is to use the HTTP header "x-forwarded-for". A solution with a special valve is postponed for later. Your Feedback: In case you experience any problems with the new server, please let us know. If the server is online, you can use the support forum of the server itself. Otherwise drop us an email at Happy coding! Android Appstores: Google Play Download: Runtime Library


Problems with Release Button

Jan Burse, created Aug 04. 2017 Dear All, It seems that our server had a hickup this week (01.08.2017 - 03.08.2017). The release button, when ordering licenses, didn't work as expected. I did a fix today, and the release button seems to work again. New releases are seen by showing now CHE-112.583.187 MWST, instead of the old MwSt-Nr. 630 845 in the upper right corner of the order confirmation and shipping list. Although I fixed some of the corrupted data manually, it is recommended to do new orders, for those orders where the release button failed. So that the order can continue with consistent data. A more thorough data cleaning is planned for the weeks ahead. Best Regards