Windows Installers Jekejeke Prolog 1.4.6

Jan Burse, created Nov 10. 2020, modified Dec 02. 2020 Dear All, Thanks to the javapackager from JDK 1.8 we were able to produce Windows installers for Jekejeke Prolog 1.4.6. Our Windows installers will install our Jekejeke Prolog products together with OpenJDK from Red Hat in the program directory. We already made the Jekejeke Prolog products Windows installers available on our web site. They are now found among the packages that are provided when ordering our Jekejeke Prolog products. They are identified by the "msi" extension: The Windows installer is around 50MB and will expand to 200MB. Downloading the 50MB puts some bandwidth pressure on our web server. So we provide the Jekejeke Prolog Runtime Library Windows installer also on in the release section of GitHub: Happy coding! #StaySafe GitHub Download: Jekejeke Runtime Website Download: Jekejeke Runtime