Macintosh Installers Jekejeke Prolog 1.4.6

Jan Burse, created Dec 02. 2020 Dear All, We used the JDK 1.8 packager to create Macintosh packages as well. We decided to create PKG packages. The program will be automatically installed into the program folder. What will be installed is an .app folder that contains an AdoptOpenJDK JRE besides our products. The Macintosh package solves a problem related to the Macintosh Look & Feel. We added JVM properties and JVM options to the Macintosh packages so that the default is a screen menu. A future version of our products might also reroute the About and Quit menu item. There is still a lot demanded to be done. We should also make a Unix installer. And the capability discovery should be adapted to look in program folders. Last but not least we should consider bundling the HTML documentation as well. Happy coding! #StaySafe GitHub Download: Jekejeke Runtime Website Download: Jekejeke Runtime