Linux Installers Jekejeke Prolog 1.4.6

Jan Burse, created Dec 05. 2020 Dear All, Finally we used the JDK 1.8 javapackager to create Linux packages. The provided package is a DEB package and it will install its own OpenJDK JRE besides our products. The installer requires super user privileges and the installation goes into /opt . The DEB packages are still early access. They require that xdg-utils are already installed and that the directory /usr/share/desktop-directories/ exists. If these requirements are not met, the installation might fail and even deinstallation might cause problems. If unix environment is headless and has nevertheless access to an X11 server it possible to start our products even so. Just use export DISPLAY to point to the X11 server. And use the full /opt path to start the products: We are currently working on a more flexible DEB package that will tolerate missing xdg-utils and/or missing /usr/share/desktop-directories/ . It should be noted that when no console window is desired the products can be started with the -h command line option, reusing the current terminal as console. Happy coding! #StaySafe GitHub Download: Jekejeke Runtime Website Download: Jekejeke Runtime