Emacs Mode Jekejeke Prolog 1.4.6

Jan Burse, created Dec 08. 2020, modified Jan 06. 2021 Dear All, Now that a Linux package is available, we can more easily write an Emacs mode for the Jekejeke Prolog Runtime Library. The Emacs mode presented here assumes that the DEB package was installed. It further assumes that the Jekejeke Prolog Runtime Library has a softlink by the following name: sudo ln -s /opt/JekejekeRuntime4/JekejekeRuntime4 /usr/bin/jekrun4 The softlink can be tested by invoking jekrun4 with the "-h" option. When the Prolog top-level shows inside the terminal then chances are high that the JVM and the Prolog interpreter is functioning. We use the same top-level for an Emacs mode. GitHub prolog.el The Emacs mode is a fork of prolog.el which is part of the programming modes for Emacs. The fork is found on the above GitHub adress. It can be compiled by Emacs and loaded by Emacs. We tested it with Emacs24 and replaced prolog.el.gt and prolog.elc in the folder /usr/share/emacs/24.5/lisp/progmodes . The above screenshot shows consulting a file and running a query inside Emacs. We also modified ~/.emacs so that Jekejeke Prolog is the default Prolog system. The ~/.emacs inserts are also found on GitHub. The fork might possibly see some improvements in the future. Happy coding! #StaySafe GitHub Download: Jekejeke Runtime Website Download: Jekejeke Runtime