Modul "residue"

Jan Burse, erstellt 26. Jun 2020
* By default the top-level shows the current unification equations.
* An extension can show arbi-trary constraints. It can do so by
* efining further clauses for the multi-file predicates sys_current_eq/2
* and sys_unwrap_eq/3.
* The predicate call_residue_var/2 can be used to determine the attributed
* variables that were freshly introduced while executing a goal. As
* a convenience, the predicate call_residue/2 will return the constraints
* of these variables. The later predicate is useful for writing test
* cases for uses of attributed variables.
* Terms that are directly instantiated to a variable can be customized
* by the multi-file predicate sys_printable_value/2 and queried by the
* predicate printable/2. The former predicate should fail if there is
* no custom form and the later predicate will then return the original.
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* for execution provided this comment remains unchanged.
* Restrictions
* Only to be distributed with programs that add significant and primary
* functionality to the library. Not to be distributed with additional
* software intended to replace any components of the library.
* Trademarks
* Jekejeke is a registered trademark of XLOG Technologies GmbH.
:- package(library(jekpro/frequent/misc)).
:- use_package(foreign(jekpro/frequent/misc)).
:- use_package(foreign(jekpro/tools/call)).
:- use_package(foreign(jekpro/model/molec)).
:- module(residue, []).
:- use_module(library(advanced/sets)).
:- use_module(library(misc/residue)).
* sys_current_eq(V, H):
* The predicate succeeds for each equation H with variables
* wrapped that listens on the variable V. Constraint solvers
* should extend this multi-file predicate.
% sys_current_eq(+Var, -Handle)
:- public sys_current_eq/2.
:- multifile sys_current_eq/2.
:- static sys_current_eq/2.
* sys_unwrap_eq(H, I, O):
* The predicate converts equation H with variables wrapped into
* equations I with variables unwrapped. The list uses the end O.
* Constraint solvers should extend this multi-file predicate.
% sys_unwrap_eq(+Handle, -Goals, +Goals)
:- public sys_unwrap_eq/3.
:- multifile sys_unwrap_eq/3.
:- static sys_unwrap_eq/3.
/* Constraint Retrieval API */
* call_residue_vars(G, L):
* The predicate succeeds whenever the goal G succeeds and unifies L
* with the newly introduced attributed variables.
:- public call_residue_vars/2.
:- meta_predicate call_residue_vars(0, ?).
% sys_current_mark(-Undo)
:- public sys_current_mark/1.
:- foreign(sys_current_mark/1, 'ForeignResidue',
% sys_mark_attrs(+Undo, -List)
:- public sys_mark_attrs/2.
:- foreign(sys_mark_attrs/2, 'ForeignResidue',
sysMarkAttrs('Interpreter', 'AbstractUndo')).
* call_residue(G, L):
* The predicate succeeds whenever the goal G succeeds and unifies L
* with the constraints of the newly introduced attributed variables.
:- public call_residue/2.
:- meta_predicate call_residue(0, ?).
sys_eq_list(K, L).
* sys_eq_list(K, L):
* The predicate unifies L with the list of constraints
* for the attributed variables K.
% sys_eq_list(+List, -Goals)
:- private sys_eq_list/2.
findall(E, (sys_member(V, K),
sys_current_eq(V, E)), H),
sort(H, J, [type(hash)]),
sys_unwrap_eqs(J, L, []).
% sys_unwrap_eqs(+Goals, -Goals, +Goals)
:- private sys_unwrap_eqs/3.
sys_unwrap_eqs([G|L], I, O) :-
sys_unwrap_eq(G, I, H),
sys_unwrap_eqs(L, H, O).
sys_unwrap_eqs([], L, L).
/* CAS Display Hook */
* printable(F, G):
* The predicate succeeds in G with a custom form of F.
% printable(+Term, -Term)
:- public printable/2.
F = H.
printable(E, E).
* sys_printable_value(F, G):
* The predicate succeeds in G with a custom form of F. The
* predicate should be extended for custom forms.
% sys_printable_value(+Term, -Term)
:- public sys_printable_value/2.
:- multifile sys_printable_value/2.
:- static sys_printable_value/2.